About Sheriden Chanel

Sheriden Chanel is a writer, creative and editor living and working in Atlanta. Her writing has appeared in K is for Kinky (Simone Digital), Amadi Digital Boutique, Pose Mannequin, UrbanMecca, Mommy Brown, and most prominently, xoNecole, where she is a writer and Assistant Managing Editor.

She is passionate about creative forms of expression and storytelling, be it through words or other avenues of art. She enjoys writing about sex, love, and relationships with the help of her intricately woven tales of past experiences as well as her more informative pieces geared toward female empowerment and blurring the lines between the double standard disparities society perpetuates between men and women.

Sheriden Chanel founded "The Indie Byline" in 2012 as a way for her to document her way through the happiness and confusion of life. Its intent is to be a journal of sorts for her to document trials, tribulations, abundances of photos, food porn and word porn, all the while documenting her now moments as they are then. From collaborations to moments that are uniquely her, Sheriden hopes to live a life that's as authentically her as possible, chronicling her musings on friends, work, love, food, and self-care.

Sheriden has always had a love for language and the act of self love through boundless self expression and is continuously inspired by a community of women writers who do the same.

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a few of my favorite things

  • Favorite thing to do: writing while listening to music
  • Favorite book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Favorite item of clothing: my favorite pair of blue jeans
  • Favorite food: bacon cheeseburger
  • Favorite season: in spite of the humidity and the sweatiness that comes with it, summer is my favorite season

*All photography on this blog is my work unless otherwise stated. The words are all mine. If you wish to use photos or words from this blog, please contact me before you use.