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Windows to Nowhere 2 x Miya Bailey & Corey Davis

This past Friday, my homegirl, Obi, and I attended the opening of the art exhibit Windows to Nowhere 2, a showcase of new pieces from local artists Miya Bailey and Corey Davis. Both Miya Bailey and Corey Davis are a part of the City of Ink tattoo crew, with the former being the owner of the Atlanta scene staple. It was interesting to see these two artists switch canvasses for the exhibit. While making my rounds, I fell in love with quite a few of Davis's pieces, so much so that I had to take a print with me to add some life to my barren walls at my place ["Regina Lacrimas (Queen of Tears)"].

From the art to the people to the complimentary beverages, it was a beautiful opening ceremony. I love what looking at other people's art does for me and my craft. I'm learning that I need to make a point to do it as often as possible.


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R Is For Ravenous

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