Stone Mountain Park

As much as I aspire to have an active lifestyle and as much as I promote one, I find myself unmotivated in that department more than anything else.

But moments like Sunday afternoon where I spent its entirety walking up this beautiful creation God made, I feel it not only in my heart and legs, but also my spirit. There were so many times where I stopped in awe of the beauty the views Stone Mountain had to offer. I've always loved the contrast of stone and evergreens, the aesthetic takes me back to Tupac and his rose that grew from concrete so that look of steel white paired with forest greens speaks to my viewing pleasure principles.

What I love about Stone Mountain - other than its peak and definitely not its Confederate flag greeting you at the beginning - is the fact that it has layers. I saw something I never saw before in taking the sky-lift down and saw the monument etched into the mountain's side. And as someone who loves water, its pond was everything to me.

What is it about nature that feels so serene?

Is it because it echoes life?

Is it because it's unforgiving in how it's unruly?

Is it because it's resilient and ever-changing?

Look at God.