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How To | Step-By-Step Headwrap Turban Tutorial

How To | Step-By-Step Headwrap Turban Tutorial

I love a good headwrap, for rainy days, lazy hair days, and deep conditioning days - the possibilities are endless. It's not uncommon to see me wearing this look 3-4 times out of any given week because it's simple and effective as a protective style for natural hair and keeps me out of my hair when I'm not feeling the maintenance aspect of things, which is often. I get asked a lot by both friends and strangers alike how I achieve what's undoubtedly become a bit of a signature for me so I decided to write up a brief step by step tutorial for my headwrap style:

Step One: 

For a flat look underneath my headwrap, I start by flat twisting my hair to the back of my head. The twists are by no means perfect, but it's a step I take to smooth the overall look of the turban while on my head.

Step Two: 

I cover my twists with a satin bonnet or scarf. This is necessary to prevent dryness or breakage from your hair rubbing against the fabric of the scarf. While satin maintains moisture, fabric like the cotton of the scarf eliminates moisture and promotes dryness of your delicate strands. 

Step Three: 

I take my headscarf of choice, sometimes they are scarves in my closet from my winter wardrobe, but recently I always gravitate toward my scarf by The Wrap Life because the scarf is already in the dimensions I need due to its rectangular shape. No additional folding is needed for it to fit perfectly. I place the middle of it at the back of my head so that both sides are even. 

Step Four: 

I gather the two halves together at the front of my head so that they meet in the middle. I loop the ends around each other and then twist them into a long plait in the front. 

Step Five: 

At the end of the finished plait, I pull it back towards the center of my head and then begin to "bantu knot" the fabric. The end result should have a flat cinnamon roll effect. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect. Some days my front bun is bigger and some days my front bun is flatter. 

But it's always effortlessly fabulous. Always.

What are some go-to protective styles you use on lazy hair days?

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