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The Importance of Female Friendships + Ponce City Market

The Importance of Female Friendships + Ponce City Market

In my life, I've been blessed to have quite a few best friends.

At the moment, simultaneously I have the woman who raised me, the man I love that I get to call my partner, a woman who is a ride or die that lives down the street in Atlanta, and a woman whose friendship knows no time or bounds on the other side of the country. I consider myself lucky because they all fulfill a different purpose and fill my life with a comfortable ease that reminds me of my solitude, which is why I keep them near. I equate our relationships with freedom.

Chymere has been back in the A since last month and I couldn't be happier. You never know how much you miss someone until they return to you. That's when you have a measure of time, that's when you can compare. And although we had plenty of phone calls while she lived someplace further, nothing compares to an impromptu run to CookOut or going out socially for drinks. Truthfully, I prefer it this way. We have so much life to catch up on when we're in each other's presence.

It's crazy how much change can happen in a week.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, female friendships are so important. I don't believe you can really tap into your womanhood without other women in your hood, around you to vibe with, flow through, or grow with.

Women heal each other. Women understand each other. And although my man can tell me all day every day that he feels me, there's nothing like pouring your emotions out to another woman and her replying back, "I understand you." Because it's no longer just sympathy, it's empathy, and therein lies the difference. 

One's not better than the other,

just more. 

We went to Ponce City Market last week. I needed to spread wings that were strained from sitting stationary in front of laptop for days and nights. I needed a break from working, even though technically what we did was still work. I'm always working, one way or another.

We had some amazing burgers and talked about life, and most importantly, my grievances were acknolwedged with empathy, especially because she writes and blogs too. "I understand," her laughter said.

And I could laugh out loud, too.

What's something that your friendships with women have taught you? 

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