Taste of Atlanta 2014

This is year three of our family tradition of enjoying the tastes and treats of Atlanta's largest annual food festival Taste of Atlanta. Taste of Atlanta is one of many food events that happen throughout the year in the buzzing and budding Atlanta food scene. It is a three-day event that occurs on Tech Square, where the entire area is blocked off to only pedestrians who visit booth by booth of ATL restaurants who set up camp to show our tastebuds what their tastemaker culinary restaurant perspectives are truly made of. Menus typically consist of 2-3 samples that are the restaurant's choice. We make our orders, exchange our taste coupons, and get to know the restaurant in less than three bites. It's truly a food lover's heaven, which is no wonder why I find myself going time and time again. 

Taste of Atlanta allows you to take advantage of a full weekend of activities, including VIP events and classes among the restaurant vendor components. The next time I attend, I want to take advantage of at least two days of eating and to definitely attend the kickoff event on Friday as well. I always spend more money than I plan when I go to these, but it is SO worth it. They appease my every whim and make this a must-attend event every October.

These snapshots are only a little peak into our eating habits over the course of that day. Amongst the sea of delectable dining experiences were fried oysters, award-winning mac and cheese, sweet potato cupcakes, tiramasu, and bourbon ice cream. Say it with me now, yum.