Guilty Pleasures + Sweet Cheats

Found this hidden gem of a locally grown and owned bakery in the Cabbagetown area of the city of Atlanta. The bakery, appropriately named Sweet Cheats, features brownies, pie slices, bagels, macaroons, and of course cupcakes. I am obsessed with the flavor profile of sea salt and caramel, so anything with that flavor piques my interest: from Talenti's famous gelato to Sweet Cheats' bakery's cupcake featuring the same name. After being mesmerized by the array of decadent treats sitting on top of cake and icing spreads, one of the employees mentioned Salted Caramel being her favorite flavor. I heard Salted Caramel and was instantly sold.

The cupcake beside it is the Chocolate Dream.

Sweet Cheats

692 Kirkwood Ave SE

Atlanta, GA 30316