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mornings | 01

mornings | 01

Let's sip tea + take some stock

My alarm is set for... I don't have one. I wake up naturally at 7:25 every morning, currently

I can't start my morning without... catching up on my YouTube subscriptions. It's early morning motivation

Breakfast is normally... two boiled eggs + avocado toast + fruit

Favorite morning beverage is... coffee in the morning

Daily uniform... a shirt two sizes too big + athleisure gear, like a sports bra + bike shorts (I work from home)

My favorite moment in the morning is... writing an entry in my meditation journal + thanking God

On the best mornings I... take my time and delay work for an extra hour

I start working by... opening my laptop and getting an idea of what my first tasks for the day need to be

Mornings are normally filled with... organized chaos

I get my creative juices flowing by... listening to music + watching some visually stimulating

Healthiest daily habit... drinking 2.5 liters of water everyday

I'm most obsessed with this currently... work

I'm usually listening to... lately it's been my "EmpowHERment" playlist

My favorite morning distraction... my bed

Always thinking about lunch at... 3 pm. I'm usually so consumed that lunch gets pushed back quite a bit

My current mantra... I'm blessed and highly favored

The recipe I'm making... one for success in 2017!

Inspired by Chalkboard Mag

How are your mornings lately?

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