Mandarin Oriental Atlanta Staycation

I think grand gestures to show love to yourself are so important to remaining at peace throughout the triumphs and pitfalls of the day to day grind. The act of travel doesn't stop within a 52-mile mile radius where you live. The act of vacationing doesn't start by flying on a plane. In short, being a tourist in your own neck of the woods can prove to be just as luxe, just as rejuvenating, and just as eye opening in perspective.

The art of staycation begins with the realization that escape is as simple as a change in one's routine.

The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, located in the hub of Buckhead's business district, taught me well in my pursuit of peace and clarity. A couple of months ago, I lost my job at a company I worked for two years and stuck with despite having a couple of opportunities to leave the company presenting themselves to me in the months leading to my "voluntary resignation". By the end of February, I was unemployed with prospects that bore no fruit. But fast forward a month later and I have the work from home gigs of my aspiring dreams. This month, The Mandarin Hotel acted like a glass of wine after a long day of work and it was welcomed, beautiful, serene, and easily the biggest lap of luxury I've ever had the pleasure of immersing myself within to call my temporary home at home.

Staycations are a great way to infuse your life with all the glitz, glamour, and adventure of a vacation without extensive travel. In order to do it right, it's all about the "how". A garden oasis? Check. A room with a view? Check. A bathroom of my dreams equipped with a walk-in shower and a bath tub made for two? Check and check. A world class level spa complete with a Peaches and Cream Journey massage followed by a sauna and vitality pool to match? Check, more check. 

I was honoring myself physically, but also mentally. It's hard to have any ill feelings about the world when you're in such a peaceful place where guests experiencing tranquil one of a kind moments is their M.O.

So, how do you have a staycation and be a tourist in your own city?

Step One: Book a room in a place that takes your breath away.


this post is in partnership with The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta. 

all views expressed are my own.