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Wake Up, You Need To Make Money

Wake Up, You Need To Make Money

I didn't imagine having to part ways with my company at the top of the year. 

I had spent a year and some change with them, doing work exceedingly well and even though I was passed over for a promotion, I stayed because I loved the culture and the flexibilty, even if I didn't always love what I did. I felt myself increasingly feeling less and less challenged there, but found myself attributing my work there with security so even if I felt an influx of lackness in the motivation arena, passion and enthusiasm would take a backseat to that ever-present priority: security. 

But when the winter brought in a lack of hours and shortage of work in addition to those lackluster feelings and personal family issues, I wondered if my unwavering loyalty was proving to be a downfall. When we agreed to cut ties at the end of February, I learned it definitely was. At the end of the day, I'd have to have my own back because you can perspire, breathe, and bleed for a company, and they can drop your part time employee ass like a bad habit in a matter of seconds. It's the second time I'd learn that lesson within 4 years.

Shortly after, I embraced my writing ways and took on more responsibility with xoNecole, which would eventually make me an Assistant Managing Editor to the brand. In the meantime, I'd also be a freelancer for a content farm. The pay was sufficient, but I hated everything about it. Particularly, the way they'd open the site for anyone to write and contribute how-to's on any subject but hire us to do in-depth edits and rewrites. Some topics didn't need all that in my opinion. So you can imagine how the dissolution of that relationship came about. 

By summer's end, I realized that although I wouldn't mind recieving income from my creative endeavors, I'd need to be more selective about the projects I accepted to combat exhaustion to my mental. As a writer, I only want to do things I like and that pay me fairly for my efforts. So, I'd need to work outside of my home as well. I started my search at the top of August and secured something that would lead me back into my home where I am currently juggling editor tasks for xoNecole and Lifehack. I also write lifestyle content for the city living blog for the apartment hunting resource, ForRent.com. If all goes well, I might find myself as a day job as a future employee of an airline that I love. Fingers crossed and prayers to the sky for that one. Even so, as it stands, I am in love with my life and the opportunities I've been so fortunate to attract. 

I say all this to say that you never know where you end up, the journey constantly changes, and life has other plans. And though it's one hell of a ride, it's amazing and epic one as well.

Job hunting can feel overwhelming, it can be lengthy, and it can become a job in and of itself. As a result, it’s easy to feel drained in your efforts to find bread and butter that not only feeds you but fulfills you in a way that you’re passionate about. Staying motivated while job hunting can feel close to impossible. Negative thinking, self-talk, and self doubt has crept up and tapped me on the shoulder at different times throughout my search for a new job.

To counter negative thinking and cultivate prosperity, I relied on four truths that helped to keep me motivated throughout my rise and grind:

/ Hone in On Your Passions / While faking it ‘till you make it holds a lot of truth, there are some things you just can’t fake. It’s common that people work jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with their degrees, but decide on your limitations early on to avoid clocking in hours for a position that you will be ready to leave within a matter of months. It’s easier to work hard when you’re on the hunt for the job you do want versus the one that you don’t want.

/ Trust The Process Everything that comes your way isn’t meant to remain in your present and therefore isn’t meant to remain in your life down the line as a part of your future. What is for you is already yours so when you hear a “no”, the opportunity is not yours and it never was. Whatever your spiritual beliefs are - there are bigger and better things in store for you. Opportunity will only knock on the doors that are meant for you to answer.

/ Think Warm Thoughts / If you look at yourself as a failure, beat yourself up after every “no”, or just have an all-around defeated attitude about finding employment, chances are, your job hunting experience will mirror that reality you’ve carved into your universe. Think positively and see how quickly things will start to turn around for you during your job hunting journey. If someone doesn’t call you back, think of it as their loss, not yours.

/ Treat Yo’ Self / Between phone interviews, in-person interviews, and daily applying to jobs of interest, job hunting alone can feel like a full time job. And although the hustle is essential, it is just as important to take a step back occasionally. Yes, give yourself a break babe. You work hard. It’s important to get yo life while you’re working toward getting your life together. Sparingly, at least.

Job hunting is a process, but is a necessary evil especially because Cash Rules Everything Around (Me) Us. When I wiped away desperation and decided to stand strong in the abundance I wanted to receive, opportuniites, people, and relationships opened themselves up to me and made themselves available. And I am sooo incredibly thankful for it.

How do you keep yourself motivated while you hustle and flow?

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