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How To | Maintain Crochet Braids

How To | Maintain Crochet Braids

I've had my crochet braids in for about three weeks now and I am in love, love, love! It is low-maintenance, it was quick and cost-effective to install, and it's a break from my natural hair for 4-6 weeks - what more could a lazy natural ask for in a protective style? And it's on par with my natural hair goals for the year. 

The install called for two packs of Jamaican Twist Braid hair. The lengthiest part was the braiding pattern my stylist did which took about an hour, with close to an hour of crocheting the hair into the braiding pattern. Being that I am used to sitting in the styling seat for 6-8 hours for beautiful twist and braiding styles, 4 hours felt quick and painless.


Daily/Every Other Day

  • S Curl "No Drip" Activator Moisturizer 
    • I spray this onto my natural hair every other night, but spray my hair and the weave hair liberally daily as well
  • Essential Oil of my choosing
    • I massage my scalp every night or every other night with whichever essential oil I have on hand to stimulate and soothe my scalp
  • Pineapple Method
    • I sleep with my edges in a wrap and pile the weave atop my head. In the morning, I take it down and give it a little shake, breaking up the hair where needed


  • Witch Hazel
    • If my scalp is extra itchy, I dab a q-tip into some witch hazel and apply and my scalp feels refreshed, yes! Followed by an essential oil - I found that tea tree really helped soothe my scalp when the itch became unbearable
  • ACV Rinse Mixture
    • I use q-tips to give my scalp a cleansing with an ACV mixture & sometimes throughout the week if I notice build up or flakes
  • Herbal Essence Hello Hydration/water/oil mixture
    • I cowash with this either weekly or biweekly with the focus being on my scalp and not the hair itself. Spritz with water afterwards. Spray leave-in and/or oil as needed. 

I think after this, my strands will need a much deserved pampering session, but hopefully I am doing right by my hair. I think I'll take up to a month off in between my next protective style venture. I must say that it is hella fun being able to recreate my look and have a funky style to greet the newness of the season with.

Hello, healthy hair!

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