Hiking The Arabia Mountain Trail

Over the winter holiday break, my sister and I picked a couple of hours one Thursday to hit the Arabia Mountain trail and see what it had to offer. A few summers ago, she worked there, and even though we spent much of our childhood less than fifteen minutes away from the nature preserve, I never stepped foot there before, or set eyes on it. Upon our first step, I immediately regretted the neglect I gave to the landmark years before. Even with its varying shades of rusty colors, I could see beauty, and just know that when the spring and summer hits, the hike has to be a sight for sore eyes.

I enjoyed experiencing a part of my sister as we journeyed the trail together and enjoyed our emotional connections, our revelations, and literally walking down memory lane. And to think, I had been scared we were growing apart. I realized that with us, it's more than that. With both of my sisters actually. We might be growing as individuals, but we are also growing together. It was a beautiful realization, and I can't thank her enough for sharing this part of herself with me.

Rediscovering that with her was one of my favorite parts of 2016.