Goal Digger | 29 x 35 Bucket List

"The only barriers in life are the ones we create in our minds." - Unknown

When I first started this blog, it was in an effort to keep track of a list of goals I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 30. I wanted The Indie Byline to act as an online photo journal where I could look back at my memories and thoughts and think, "Sheriden, remember when?" with that awesome nostalgia filter that makes even the darkest of times appear shinier. I lost sight of that somewhere along the line, especially when a lot of life happenings came into play, but came to a realization the other night that I'd like to write that list again.

This blog has evolved to accommodate a lot of other inspiration in addition to my goal setting tendencies, but I think there is room for this list as well as moments I collect along the way that I view as art. I'm 25 this year and because of that, I'm giving myself the freedom of adding an additional five years to check off these musts from my bucket list.

A bucket list can be many things for many people. I don't necessarily use goal setting as an end all be all as much as I use them as a guideline to direct the course of my journey and the flow of my river. I don't mind riding the water where the currents may take me, but I prefer my paddle. On my bucket list, there are some obvious ones and not so obvious ones, some goals are emotional, some are physical, some are health and wellness goals, a few of them are financial goals - it's a mixture of things that I think will help me to my ultimate desire of being a fulfilled human as the years go on.