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4 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

4 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

With so much content available at our fingertips, it can be difficult to narrow down what is worth your attention. I've recently gained a deeper affinity for the entertainment medium that is the world of podcasts. I can listen to them in the background of my morning routine and even take them with me on-the-go without fear of infringing upon my data limits.

It's an answer to my desire to hear like-minded individuals have conversations about topics that interest me. So yes, I've been bitten by the podcast bug and I love it. If you are looking for some new podcasts to add to your subscription list, here are four of my favorite podcasts currently in heavy rotation.

Runaway Jukebox

I'm a little biased, but I'm a supporter and a friend of the person behind this pick. I remember having conversations about Runaway Jukebox and its beginning stages and to see what it's becoming is what creatives pray about for fellow creatives. Jason B. Russell (Jay Burritos) is the founder and curator of this podcast where he and friends (like his amazing co-host Kimmington) discuss music. Although they are open to other genres of music and he frequently gives his opinion on favorite songs of the year, the podcast is very hip-hop centric, which I love. Jason talks of music likes he lives and breathes it and the crispness of his voice in combination with the exuberance of his personality make it a hard weekly treat to deny. I love listening to music, but often fail to be able to articulate what a song means to me or how to describe it, but he brings those feelings to life with his words, which is why I love to listen.

Where to Start: Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 - June 13, 2016

The Friend Zone

Another conversational podcast, The Friend Zone offers conversation on an array of topics, stemming from mental health and mental hygeine, spoken and discussed amongst friends. Co-hosts Dustin Ross, Francheska of HeyFranHey, and Assante have chemistry on 1,000! HeyFranHey is someone I've loved since finding her on YouTube after giving me the rundown of her clean eating grocery list and to see her come here to act as sort of spiritual guru to Assante and Dustin and us all, is amazing and is why I love to listen. They also have guests from time to time, like Shameless Maya who appeared on one of my favorite episodes where she talked about her celibacy leading her to success. 

Where to Start: New Levels New Devils - Featuring Shameless Maya - October 5, 2016

The Sexually Liberated Woman Podcast

As an avid reader of her blog, it made sense that I followed her to the podcast she created as an extension of that blog. My first dip into this venture was a conversation she had with her husband on the podcast about their polyamorous marriage. After that, I was hooked. I love the way that she speaks about sex because it mostly surrounds her self-expression of her sexuality and whatever that looks like at the moment. It's not sex with a million people, but if it was, it would be her perogative. However, sometimes her liberation journey means bouts of abstinence, low libidoes, sex with her husband, her bisexuality, talks of mental health, and of course, self-care.

Where to Start: A Quickie: Healing My Sexual Past - September 6, 2016

Modern Love

I'm always in love with love so it should come as no surprise that Modern Love has made my list. Modern Love started as a New York Times' column where a series of essays submitted by readers are published with a common theme: love. The highs, the lows, in romantic relationships, or ones shared with friends and family. It touches on loss and redemption as recurring themes as well. The podcast offers something a little different from the stories I read on the column from week to week. The theme stays the same, but the creative approach is different, which I like. Actors and filmmakers are featured on the show and bring essays to life by reading them aloud to listeners with the perfect pauses and music in the background helping the story along.

Where to Start: 'Screens Between Us' | Modern Love 42 feat. Issa Rae - November 2, 2016

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