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Feeling Yellow

Feeling Yellow


Technically, the color I was looking for is mustard, but an editorial decision meant me caring more about the rhythm than the actual fact. Anyway, what can I say about this outfit? Like most of my leans towards personal style, the star is the blouse. What I love about this blouse is that it combines elements of summer style that I've been loving this season: exposed shoulders, rich color, and plenty of airiness. I felt like a sun goddess. Dare I say, I felt like Oshun? 


The color definitely gave me "Hold Up" vibes when I saw it, I can't lie. 


Another aspect of this outfit that I am hopelessly in love with are my Jeffrey Campbell heels that I had had my eye on for a full year, but never clicked the button to buy out of fear of buyer's remorse and just feeling like a price tag of over $100 was a not so pretty penny. But, lo and behold, one day, they were on sale plus an extra 30% off. They ended up being a steal for $65 and I wear them whenever I want to feel a little sexier or want to add a little oomph to a simple look.


As I'm writing this, these locs no longer exist (and the 'fro is back in full effect!), but they are a protective style that I love gravitating towards when I want a break from my natural hair. I have always wanted locs, but can't commit. If you're reading this and have any questions about what they are and how to maintain them, I'll be posting a write-up on how to care for crochet faux locs soon. Be on the lookout. 

Until then, thank you for reading!

Outfit Deets: Forever 21 Blouse / Fashion Nova Jeans / Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

What has you feeling yellow today?

Photography by Sanniyah Sloan for The Indie Byline

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