Everyday Lingerie

It's been a while since I indulged in a little self love practice here on the blog. I encountered the perfect opportunity when lingerie e-commerce subscription service Adore Me began a flat lay campaign highlighting and promoting their belief that every woman deserves to feel sexy every single day. Lingerie is one of the few ways I connect with myself sensually and how I tap into my inner sex goddess.

There is an understated sexy that comes with wearing lace and/or thong anything underneath a complete outfit. I also love moments where that lace peeks out from behind the strap of a tank top or the sheerness of a blouse.

It's as if you're winking towards yourself, giving yourself a little nod, like "Yes boo, you betta werk!", and it's done in a way where the world doesn't have to acknowledge it. It's only your applause that matters most.

So on mornings when I'm not feeling connected with my sexy, I will exchange my cotton granny panty favorites for something a little more decadent, a little less comfortable, but a helluva lot more luxe. I also like to wear the above flat lay as a complete outfit on nights I'm feeling saucy to company I deem worthy. Don't we all?

What are some little things you do to make yourself feel sexy?