Quick & Easy Breakfast Rice Cakes

Quick & Easy Rice Cakes

Some mornings, I am awake no later than 8 am to begin my day, which leaves me plenty of time to make breakfast. Other mornings, I wake up with only an hour of time to spare which means time to make breakfast is very limited. And then there are the mornings where I have plenty of time, but not a whole lot of desire to make an elaborate breakfast and cereal does not do the trick. For those mornings, one of my favorite easy on the go healthy breakfast options is a rice cake. 

What You Need

2 plain, unsalted Quaker brand rice cakes

4 strawberries (or whatever fruit you’re up for decorating your rice cake with)

Peanut butter of your choosing

What You Gotta Do

1. Slice the fruit you plan to use. I prefer strawberries, but I've seen bananas commonly used as well.

2. Spread a generous amount of peanut butter onto your rice cakes individually until the majority of the cake’s surface is covered

3. Place the fruit slices onto the surface of your rice cake

Simple, easy, and surprisingly filling. Bon appétit!

What's your go-to for breakfast on the go?