Limbo Limbo Limbo

This isn't a tutorial. This is a love story.

I think I was a little girl when I made my first attempt to wear lipstick. My mom always wore it, and I wanted to be just like her. It wouldn't be until I grew older and matured that I understood that lipstick was a vessel that most women used to hone in and own their feminine prowess. I think it made me seek to covet it even more. But there was a problem.

The lipsticks that I bought from drugstores never seemed to work with my pout. They never did it for me. I loved my lips naked, but for some reason, the moment I tried to add some color to my lips, I felt like I looked like a clown in all my tomato red, bright orange, and blush pink hot mess glory. My lips appeared exaggerated in the most unappealing way. 

Or at least, I perceived that they did.

And don't get me wrong. I've seen black women and women of darker complexions rock bright colored lips like no other and it inspired me, made me embrace my dark skin and full lips even further, however, I just felt like those lipstick shades did nothing for me. And because makeup wasn't really a thing for me anyway, I just decided to chalk up my naturally nude pout to the blank canvas of my face I was growing to love and become more confident about every day.

Fast-forward six years and we're here and madly in love with Colourpop's Ultra Matte Limbo lipcolor. If you are already following me on Instagram, you've probably already seen my ode to this new makeup love.

I made it a personal mission to be more about that makeup life in 2017. This was the first step for me, and who would have thought? One swipe of this rich chocolate brown and I was officially converted and learned that this shade was the love of my life (in a lipcolor anyway). 

For me, I really wanted a "nude" that worked with darker skin, and mission accomplished. I'm beginning to think that maybe every woman's lips has a certain shade that's their one true one, a shade that just does it for them, where it's effortless, versatile, sexy, and chic. 

This one's mine. 

What's your go-to lipstick?