Brunch at Cafe Intermezzo

I first encountered Cafe Intermezzo while at a Taste of Atlanta food festival a couple of years ago. I used a few food coupons to "purchase" a nutella crepe and it was scrumptious. I then went there one night while me and my best friend were on the hunt for something sweet. We had a cup of coffee with a slice of cake that the Viennese-esque coffee has a wide variety of to offer. In fact, I remembered being overwhelmed by their selection of pastries as I viewed them through the glass display to choose which cake I wanted a slice from. I ended up on a really decadent chocolate piece, that's sweetness balanced out the bitterness of my coffee. Yum!

Fast forward to one Sunday afternoon, taking in the fresh air with a friend as we ventured the Midtown area, I found myself at Cafe Intermezzo again. I got to pop his cherry with this find, but it was also an interesting time for me too, because instead of dessert this time, I'd be having brunch.

Cafe Intermezzo

1065 Peachtree Street, Suite 2

Atlanta, GA 30309